Sunday, 27 November 2011


Still recovering from a busy weekend so today's post is a little late and short.
I found these gorgeous flats on sale at Gap this weekend. Although I already own too many pairs of flats I couldn't help myself!  They're super comfy and I love the studded bow :)  

I braved the cold weather and paired them with my studded Danier bag for dinner with the family.

{Blazer- Forever 21(similar here)}
{Top- H&M}
{Jeans- Forever 21}
{Handbag- Danier}
{Flats- Gap (PS. cheaper in stores!)
{Watch- Guess}
{Bracelets- DIY (white) and random find (black)}

Loving Studs Lately,

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Singin' in the Rain

Why you might ask?  Because last month I finally got my rain boots!
I had been debating whether or not I should invest in some since as a new grad I would no longer be walking all around campus.  However, I realized that they would always be a good pair of boots to have on hand.  So the search began for a stylish, affordable (my limit- $30, yup that's all I was willing to spend!), durable, and comfortable pair of rain wasn't easy to find.  Not only was I limited by my budget and muscular calves but I'm also extremely picky.  I didn't want a pair of kidish rain boots, I wanted ones that would go with everything.

And after months of searching my sister spotted these Nine West Bad Boy Rainboots (better view here) while cross-border shopping :)

Love how they look like equestrian boots.

Buckle details :)

I'm really lucky that my sister spotted these as they were not only the last pair left but also part of the sidewalk sale and I had a coupon!!  I have been getting my money's worth out these boots as the weather gets colder.  I'm glad I finally made the decision to invest in some rain boots.  Outfit post coming soon!

Loving Rain Boots Lately,

Monday, 21 November 2011

Going Back in Time

A few weeks ago my sister and I went to the Vintage Clothing Sale at Chateau Laurier.  It was my first time going as in years past I was at school.  Immediately as I walked in I was overwhelmed by the number of booths, probably 60+, and amount stuff available.  We spent HOURS going through all the costume jewellery (tons!), bags, shoes, furs! etc.  It was fun to be taken back to another era and be inspired by all the beautiful & unique things that were there.

Check out some of the things we took home with us.

My sister found these very cool sunglasses
I love the shape!

She also found this handmade oversized wool sweater.
It's really warm, perfect for winter in Canada!

Not pictured is a grey cashmere J.Crew sweater I picked up (I know not really a vintage item...) for $20, total score!  I really had to restrain myself as the booth had TONs of cashmere ;)

What's your best SCORE at a vintage sale/market?

Loving Vintage Sales Lately,

Saturday, 19 November 2011

DIY Knotted Satin Cord Friendship Bracelet

I remember that as a kid I was really into arts and crafts- paper mache, origmai, friendship bracelets etc.  However as school got busier I soon abandoned this hobby.  My year of no shopping helped me love this hobby again :)  During the summer my sister and I became addicted to jewellery diys and I now have quite the collection of bracelets (plus a tupperware container full of more material waiting to be used!).  I thought I'd share you how to make these awesome bracelets which are not only super easy to make but cost less than $1!!!:

If you look closely you can see that they are also REVERSIBLE, bonus!

Satin Cord (2 or 3 different colors)
Lighter (to burn the ends of cord)
Bead (optional)
That's it!!!

I followed the Stitched Solomon Bar video tutorial (below) from Tying It All together's Youtube Channel.  There are so many unique knot tutorials that I could make bracelets all day!  You can also view all the knots on the Knot Gallery (clicking on the picture will lead you to a link for the video.) 

For the base (pale green in top bracelet) you need double the length of your wrist + extra for knotting off the end or attaching the bead.  For the knotting cord (dark green in top bracelet) I used approx. 40 inches, didn't actually measure (my wrist is 6inches in length).  One thing to note is that the videos do not include the length of cord/rope needed so you will have to use trial and error.  

To make the two toned look of the bottom bracelet use a knotting cord made of two different colored cords fused together (I used dark and light blue, and attached using some Instant Krazy Glue).  Here's a close up:  

A simple and unique friendship bracelet = LOVE.  Can't wait to experiment with different cords/ropes and try different knots.  More bracelet DIYs to come!

Loving DIY Friendship Bracelets Lately,

Monday, 14 November 2011

Beauty Break: Subtle Glittery Nails

The glittery nail trend has been going on for a while, whether it's glitter on the ring finger, all over, or on the tips.  Right now I'm loving this combo of Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro in Gold Silk and Pa gold glitter nail polish (Random Japanese brand from my sister).  They give my nails a nice subtle sparkle which is perfect for work.

I started by painting on two coats of Gold silk (I like my base to be darker, but you can just paint on one coat for a more sheer look).  It's hard to tell in the photo but the color is actually more of a rose gold <3

Then once completely dry, paint on one coat of gold glitter nail polish (sheer).  Let dry and finish with top coat (I use OPI).  I also like to use drying drops to speed up the drying time, drip dry by OPI.  That's it! I love how the look changes in different lighting.

I'm thinking of mixing up the shades of metal and glitter, and trying some of the other trends too.  What's your favorite nail trend right now?

Loving Subtle Glittery Nails Lately,

Friday, 11 November 2011

Camel and Stripes

My first outfit post!  I wore this outfit to a birthday party 2 weeks ago-my lovely new bag along with a stripe dress I bought recently.  I really like the faux leather collar and tabs on the sleeve, it gives this simple dress a little edge :)

{Stripe dress- Dynamite (on sale- plus extra 30% off)}
{Handbag- BagInc}
{Watch- Guess}

Unfortunately this photo is not the greatest....I took it when we got home using a cellphone because I almost forgot to take one!  But I'm sure you'll see this dress again.  Have a great weekend eveyone :)

Loving Leather and Stripes Lately,

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wednesday's Wish List: Kristen Bell for Erica Anenberg

I apologize for not posting on time but lesson prep got in the way.

Now back to the wish list.  When I spotted these bags on the Today Show I instantly fell in love.  They are simple versatile bags (yay detachable cross body straps!) with subtle hardware details (<3 the buckles).   I think they would make great everyday bags.

Sutton Tote
Sutton Tote
Madison Messenger
Madison Messenger

When I saw that they were on super sale I was immediately thinking, which bag should I get and what color( they come in 6 different ones)?  But my sister was the voice of reason, "you just bought a new leather bag, you don't need another one!"  (see this post about my new bag)  Of course she was right, it's just so hard to resist a good deal sometimes :)  I have to remember that even though I'm allowed to shop this year it doesn't mean I should!!  I'm blessed with enough stuff already! 

In any case, after some research I realized that I couldn't even buy it if I wanted to as they only ship to the U.S.  That's good for my wallet!

What's on your Wish Lists?

Loving Handbags From Afar Lately,

*No copyright infringement intended. I do not own these photos, they belong to

Monday, 7 November 2011

The Look-Alike

I have always loved the look of designer handbags (excluding the monogrammed ones), the classic style, recognizable name and amazing quality!  However, I could never justify spending that much money on a bag.  I mean $10,000 on an Hermes Birkin bag, come on! You could buy a used car with that amount!!  So I can only admire them for afar.

That is until I discovered this site, which lists tons of designer clothing and accessories look-alikes.  And that led me to BagInc which has a huge selection of designer inspired bags made of real leather!  Note: They have free international shipping with orders over $99 :)

I got this Mulberry Alexa look-alike after receiving a $25 Giftcard promotion:

It looks so much like the Alexa!  It even has the gold trim on the buckle straps.

They added this back pocket which is very useful.

You can see on this closeup that this version is made of
pebble grain leather unlike the smooth finish on the real one.

I'm really happy with this purchase.  I love the buttery soft leather and removable crossbody strap.  This bag has plenty of room for my essentials plus more.  Outfit post with bag coming soon!

So what do you guys think, are look-alike's a fashion faux pas?

Loving Designer Inspired Lately,

* This post is NOT sponsored by BagInc

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Hidden Treasure

During a recent trip to my local Value Village I stumbled upon this little gem in a pile of discards:

I couldn't believe it, authentic vintage Yves St. Laurent pumps in excellent condition for $7.99+ tax!  I looked them up online and discovered they are actually 1980s vintage silk pumps selling for $75.00-124.99.  I really lucked out :)  Can't wait to find an occasion to wear them!

Loving Great Steals Lately,

Thursday, 3 November 2011


Those of you who know me may remember my previous blog,, about my year of no shopping with my friend T.  Well since the shopping drought has ended I have not lost my love of shopping but have become a much smarter shopper :)  Now I'm very picky when I buy clothes and accessories as I pay close attention to its quality, purpose in my wardrobe, and of course price (you know I'm always on the hunt for a bargain!).  I've learned to walk away when an item doesn't meet my standards in these areas even when it's a good deal.  

Many of you have asked what my first purchases were since the year finished and I apologize for not updating the blog.  Instead I have decided to start this NEW blog to share with you not only about my shopping adventures but also about cooking/baking and diys, things I have come to LOVE during my year of no shopping!

I promise to write more and I hope you enjoy some of the new series I have planned!  Thanks for checking it out. 

Lots to Love Lately,