Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Singin' in the Rain

Why you might ask?  Because last month I finally got my rain boots!
I had been debating whether or not I should invest in some since as a new grad I would no longer be walking all around campus.  However, I realized that they would always be a good pair of boots to have on hand.  So the search began for a stylish, affordable (my limit- $30, yup that's all I was willing to spend!), durable, and comfortable pair of rain wasn't easy to find.  Not only was I limited by my budget and muscular calves but I'm also extremely picky.  I didn't want a pair of kidish rain boots, I wanted ones that would go with everything.

And after months of searching my sister spotted these Nine West Bad Boy Rainboots (better view here) while cross-border shopping :)

Love how they look like equestrian boots.

Buckle details :)

I'm really lucky that my sister spotted these as they were not only the last pair left but also part of the sidewalk sale and I had a coupon!!  I have been getting my money's worth out these boots as the weather gets colder.  I'm glad I finally made the decision to invest in some rain boots.  Outfit post coming soon!

Loving Rain Boots Lately,

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  1. love those boots! totally badass and will add some edge to your usual more girly outfits :)


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