Friday, 25 May 2012

Victoria Day Shopping Haul

It is usually hard to get back into the swing of things after a long weekend.  And in my case, I was greeted to a pile of marking and a multitude of problems on Tuesday morning.  So I couldn't be happier that it's already Friday, thank goodness for the short week!

If you've been following me on instagram (@amy_lovinglately)  then you already know I spent my weekend cross border shopping.  Here's what's inside the bag:
Ann Taylor Skirt, Hollister Plaid Shirt, and Banana Republic Dress.

H&M Blazer and Sleeveless Shirtdress

Total Retail Value for all 5 items: $259.38
What I paid: $92.34
That's a total savings of ~64%! Not to0 shabby :)

I was super excited to find that sleeveless shirtdress in my size.  I have wanted it ever since Jean and Elle posted about it but unfortunately I don't have an H&M in my city.  And it was a bonus that H&M had this coupon for 35% off one item :)  The rest of the items (skirt, blazer & shirt)  were great basics  that I was lacking and the other dress is perfect for summer weddings that I'll be attending!

You might have noticed that none of the items are from LOFT despite the logo on the bag, that's because I couldn't find anything in my size.  However there were some great deals at the LOFT outlet (extra 30%) that my mom and sister picked up.

I also posted this pic about some $0.30 deals at target.  I'm always on the lookout for clearance sections and target always has some great deals at the front of the stores.  

Have a great long weekend my American friends, now it's your turn :)

Loving Long Weekend Shopping Lately,

Monday, 14 May 2012

A shopaholic's dream come true

What would you buy if you won a $500 shopping spree?  Well that's what I'm asking myself right now :)  I was lucky enough to win a $500 giftcard from Cadillac Fairview which owns some of Canada's premier shopping malls (Toronto Eaton Centre, Rideau Centre and Pacific Centre to name a few).   My dad knows I'm a shopaholic so the first thing he said to me was, "Don't burn through it too quickly!".  So while it's tempting to use the giftcard towards an expensive designer item I typically wouldn't buy, I think I'll take my dad's advice and make sure I spend my giftcard wisely.  

You might be wondering if I've bought anythig with the gift card already? If so what was my first purchse? Well yes, I did make 1 purchase thus far....but not for myself :)  I bought my sister these lovely shoes for her birthday.  She has been longing for a pair of Sperry's for awhile and these were 50% so it was perfect timing.  

Other than the shoes I don't think I'll be spending the rest of the gift card for awhile.  I think I'll hold off until summer sales but who knows? hehe

So readers, what would you buy with a $500 shopping spree?

Loving Cadillac Fairview Lately,

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Lately on Instagram




From L to R, accessories from this post, a new bowl to hold some new jewels (loved it so much I bought a blue one too!), mini apple pies (recipe here), ootd, new top, and homemade potato chips.

Work is getting a little crazy right now as the summer semester starts  so I will be posting sporadically for the next couple of weeks.  But don't forget to follow me on instagram for the latest updates!  @amy_lovinglately   (And if you give me a shout out on instagram I'd be more that happy to check out your account too :)

Loving Instagram Lately,