Monday, 14 May 2012

A shopaholic's dream come true

What would you buy if you won a $500 shopping spree?  Well that's what I'm asking myself right now :)  I was lucky enough to win a $500 giftcard from Cadillac Fairview which owns some of Canada's premier shopping malls (Toronto Eaton Centre, Rideau Centre and Pacific Centre to name a few).   My dad knows I'm a shopaholic so the first thing he said to me was, "Don't burn through it too quickly!".  So while it's tempting to use the giftcard towards an expensive designer item I typically wouldn't buy, I think I'll take my dad's advice and make sure I spend my giftcard wisely.  

You might be wondering if I've bought anythig with the gift card already? If so what was my first purchse? Well yes, I did make 1 purchase thus far....but not for myself :)  I bought my sister these lovely shoes for her birthday.  She has been longing for a pair of Sperry's for awhile and these were 50% so it was perfect timing.  

Other than the shoes I don't think I'll be spending the rest of the gift card for awhile.  I think I'll hold off until summer sales but who knows? hehe

So readers, what would you buy with a $500 shopping spree?

Loving Cadillac Fairview Lately,


  1. WOW! Congratulations :)

    I'd.... probably buy stuff like my toiletries from Sephora, and maybe a shirt or a dress.

  2. omgsh so lucky! what sort of contest was this?? :O

  3. Lucky!!

    I totally burn it on one big!!!


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