Monday, 7 November 2011

The Look-Alike

I have always loved the look of designer handbags (excluding the monogrammed ones), the classic style, recognizable name and amazing quality!  However, I could never justify spending that much money on a bag.  I mean $10,000 on an Hermes Birkin bag, come on! You could buy a used car with that amount!!  So I can only admire them for afar.

That is until I discovered this site, which lists tons of designer clothing and accessories look-alikes.  And that led me to BagInc which has a huge selection of designer inspired bags made of real leather!  Note: They have free international shipping with orders over $99 :)

I got this Mulberry Alexa look-alike after receiving a $25 Giftcard promotion:

It looks so much like the Alexa!  It even has the gold trim on the buckle straps.

They added this back pocket which is very useful.

You can see on this closeup that this version is made of
pebble grain leather unlike the smooth finish on the real one.

I'm really happy with this purchase.  I love the buttery soft leather and removable crossbody strap.  This bag has plenty of room for my essentials plus more.  Outfit post with bag coming soon!

So what do you guys think, are look-alike's a fashion faux pas?

Loving Designer Inspired Lately,

* This post is NOT sponsored by BagInc


  1. I guess as long as it isn't bought in Chinatown by some shady person it should be okay

    Even so, was the leather super soft? :) I care less about the brand and look as long as the leather is heavenly

  2. yes, the leather is very soft. Not SUPER soft like some other things I own but for what I paid, I'm happy with the bag :)


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