Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Wednesday's Wish List: Kristen Bell for Erica Anenberg

I apologize for not posting on time but lesson prep got in the way.

Now back to the wish list.  When I spotted these bags on the Today Show I instantly fell in love.  They are simple versatile bags (yay detachable cross body straps!) with subtle hardware details (<3 the buckles).   I think they would make great everyday bags.

Sutton Tote
Sutton Tote
Madison Messenger
Madison Messenger

When I saw that they were on super sale I was immediately thinking, which bag should I get and what color( they come in 6 different ones)?  But my sister was the voice of reason, "you just bought a new leather bag, you don't need another one!"  (see this post about my new bag)  Of course she was right, it's just so hard to resist a good deal sometimes :)  I have to remember that even though I'm allowed to shop this year it doesn't mean I should!!  I'm blessed with enough stuff already! 

In any case, after some research I realized that I couldn't even buy it if I wanted to as they only ship to the U.S.  That's good for my wallet!

What's on your Wish Lists?

Loving Handbags From Afar Lately,

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