Saturday, 19 November 2011

DIY Knotted Satin Cord Friendship Bracelet

I remember that as a kid I was really into arts and crafts- paper mache, origmai, friendship bracelets etc.  However as school got busier I soon abandoned this hobby.  My year of no shopping helped me love this hobby again :)  During the summer my sister and I became addicted to jewellery diys and I now have quite the collection of bracelets (plus a tupperware container full of more material waiting to be used!).  I thought I'd share you how to make these awesome bracelets which are not only super easy to make but cost less than $1!!!:

If you look closely you can see that they are also REVERSIBLE, bonus!

Satin Cord (2 or 3 different colors)
Lighter (to burn the ends of cord)
Bead (optional)
That's it!!!

I followed the Stitched Solomon Bar video tutorial (below) from Tying It All together's Youtube Channel.  There are so many unique knot tutorials that I could make bracelets all day!  You can also view all the knots on the Knot Gallery (clicking on the picture will lead you to a link for the video.) 

For the base (pale green in top bracelet) you need double the length of your wrist + extra for knotting off the end or attaching the bead.  For the knotting cord (dark green in top bracelet) I used approx. 40 inches, didn't actually measure (my wrist is 6inches in length).  One thing to note is that the videos do not include the length of cord/rope needed so you will have to use trial and error.  

To make the two toned look of the bottom bracelet use a knotting cord made of two different colored cords fused together (I used dark and light blue, and attached using some Instant Krazy Glue).  Here's a close up:  

A simple and unique friendship bracelet = LOVE.  Can't wait to experiment with different cords/ropes and try different knots.  More bracelet DIYs to come!

Loving DIY Friendship Bracelets Lately,

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