Thursday, 14 June 2012

Timely Style

A watch can be the perfect accessory to complete any outfit.  Whether it adds that pop of colour or sparkle, a watch gives you some serious arm candy.  As a result of the arm party trend there is now a wide range of watches available.  From the classic gold tone to bright neon and in a variety of price points, there is a watch for every style.  

I, myself have been on the lookout for a new watch since Christmas of last year.  Since it will be an investment piece I have been taking my time in picking out a watch.  Below are some of my favourites.  

Although I now have a Shop! giftcard  to spend towards a new watch I have been keeping my limit at ~ $150.  So while Michael Kors' watches are some of my favourites they are out of reach for now.   Not to mention they have been seen on way too many bloggers lately.  Right now my criteria is: 

  • Stainless steel and preferably rose gold tone
  • Under $150
  • Large but not oversize or boyfriend sized - my wrist is tiny!
  • Numbers and no bling preferred 

While the Fossil flight was my orginal favourite it looked too big for my wrist when I tried it on.  So right now I'm leaning towards the Tommy Hilfiger Kelsey but recently 1&2 have caught my eye.  

Which of the above is your favorite watch or do you have any other suggestions? And finally what watch are you currently wearing?

Loving Watches Lately,


  1. I was looking out for a new watch, myself.. a simple, timeless, men's style watch.. but then I realized that I had 2 watches, one of which was kind of small (small watch face) but could fit the bill.

    Instead of getting a new watch, I'm just going to punch new holes in the old one (it's too loose) and wear that until it dies..... although cheap watches never seem to die when you want them to :P

    After the 2 watches are done, I'll consider buying a watch. A really nice one this time.

  2. Hi Amy, thanks for stopping by my blog. :)
    I have an MK Small Layton in gold and absolutely love it.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. I like the Kelsey one! Great picks!

  4. Great post! I especially love number 6!


  5. I'm loving the 3rd and 5th watch. I don't have a watch but I have been seeing these chunky watches in the blog world lately. I definitely want one now!


  6. 3rd watch is my fav bec I have it :)

  7. OMG i am obsessed with that watch!! super cute ; )

    xo SideSmile,

    SideSmile Style Blog

  8. I love the M Kors watch! A great watch can always be in style.

    xx Amy

  9. nice watchs


  10. hey housie! #5 is my pick for you~ #3 is runner-up ;)

  11. Totally agree with you about watches being a great accessory. I am loving rose gold watches, I currently wear the Michael Kors one. Love it! Your blog is so cute =)

    Suzie Q

  12. I have been eying a M kors watch for awhile but just just havent take the plunge to get it yet. I love the ones you have, I was never into big watches until lately. happy weekend!

  13. I love any big chunky watch. My favorites (and the ones I wear repeatedly) is a silver one from American Eagle and a rose gold one from Target. I'd love to have a Michael Kors one someday though.

  14. I like your style in watches! I have a Fossil watch which is sort of white shell, but similar style to that rose gold Fossil above.. great post!

  15. I have a gold Marc Jacobs one and I absolutely love it!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee


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