Friday, 13 January 2012

Looking For: Chambray Shirt

The hunt is on for an affordable chambray shirt!   And from my rain boot hunt you know that I am very picky.  Here is some of my criteria:
  • Must have a good weight to it.
  • Solid wash (not faded or distressed!), preferably medium wash
  • No western style and no logos.
  • Slightly fitted (not boxy!)
  • Affordable = $30 or less
  • Available in Canada
Below are some of the styles I'm loving. 

Factory two-pocket chambray shirt          
                                           J. Crew                                                           Old Navy

                                  Old Navy                                                                Eddie Bauer                                            


                            Forever 21                                                                                Levi's

I haven't been able to pull the trigger on any of them as none meet all of my criteria and I'm still not sure which wash I like the best.  I'm open to double or single pocket depending on how it fits.  One place I haven't looked yet are thrift stores so I'll be checking them out soon! 

Leave a comment with your suggestions, I would LOVE to hear them! Have a great weekend :)

Loving Chambray Shirts Lately,


  1. I personally prefer double pocket...out of the ones you've chosen as options, my fav would be the one from J Crew and F21. Good luck finding the perfect shirt! ;)

  2. Love the look of these shirts! Good luck finding one that you like!

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