Friday, 10 February 2012

[Update] Get it before it's too late...

Waiting for things to go on sale can back fire when items are sold out in your size.  And in my case I waited to too long for Zara's winter sale.  Although prices are shown online there is no Zara e-store in Canada, so usually these items cannot be found in store.  And if your like me you don't have time to be checking the only location in town for sales.  I know Zara is fairy inexpensive but I find that for the quality it's not usually worth full price (plus I just hate paying retail for anything!).

Here are a few items I wish I had picked up (all prices are the leastest shown on Zara's Canadian site. **I apologize for the quality of the photos.  My computer turned the photos into a paint style and I didn't have time to fix them):
I have been on the lookout for an affordable leather jacket and at 89.99 this was a steal! I really loved the motorcyle style of this one.

[Update: Yesterday I decided to check out Zara in case by chance some of the items on my sales wishlist were still there. It was my lucky day because one of the items on this list was still there. Continue reading to find out which item!]

This gorgeous dress was 39.99. I love the pleating on it!

Court shoes with cap toe 49.99.  I LOVE this shoe and will be on the lookout for a similar pair.  Any suggestions? 
Update: I found these wonderful pumps! And still in my size...well sort of.  There was actually a miss match pair of 37/38s left and while a pair of 37s would have been better, this miss match pair works too as I do have one foot bigger than the other.  If they do stretch I can just add a gel insole, no big deal.  Plus when the cashier rang them up they were actually $29.99!! SCORE :)

Leather court shoes 19.99.  I just love the shape of these heels.

Although I wasn't able to score on some all of these great deals (I even saw 100% cashmere sweaters for 19.99 on the site at one point!!), I'm sure they will come around again... and it's not like I NEED any of these items :)

Have you missed out on great deals? What item do you regret not buying?

Loving Zara Winter Sales (even if I missed out) Lately,


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