Tuesday, 24 January 2012

PYT Curling Wand Review

My hair is naturally very straight and because I'm low maintenance with my hair I don't curl it very often [actually it's more like I only curl it for special occasions:)].  For Christmas my cousin, Jen, gave me a PYT clip free curling wand.  I was really excited to try it as I've heard curling wands are much easier to use and produce a better curl than a regular curling iron.  

Here are some of its features: 
  • Tourmaline barrel fused with Ceramic
  • 9 foot 360o swivel cord
  • Reaches 400o F (however only one heat setting)
  • Ready to use in 10 secs
  • Lightweight
  • Dual voltage 110-240 Volts, 50-60 Hz (great for those who travel)

Naturally straight hair.

In the tube you get the wand and a heat resistant glove (very important!).

My sister is gloved and ready to curl :) Note: I have tried using it on my own with pretty good results but my sister does a better job. I'm just not that great at doing my hair in general.

The wand does heat up in 10 sec. as they claim and gets really hot so it's important that you wear the glove! The long cord and swivel head make it easy to use, no tangled cord issues. [Btw I don't have any product in hair as this wand claims to produce a curl that lasts without the use of hairspray or styling product.] 

Although we didn't keep track of the time, it took 20 mins max to curl my entire head.  Not bad! I combed the curls out to give my hair a more beachy wave look.  Unfortunately, combing it out did make it a little frizzy.  

I really like how it turned out and these curls lasted ALL day without hairspray!! [Nope your not seeing things, my hair always looks brown in the sunlight!]

Overall I really like the PYT clip free curling wand, it heats up fast and produces a great curl that lasts.  One thing I do wish it had was an adjustable heat setting, 400o F is quite high, you can really feel the heat around you when curling!  Also as my hair tends to have a lot of flyaways I will use a serum or some argan oil (any suggestions?)  next time I curl my hair.  Thanks again Jen, this makes me want to curl my hair more!

Have any of you tried this curling wand? What are your thoughts?  

Loving the PYT Clip Free Curling Wand Lately,


  1. I love curling my hair - my hot tools curling iron is my fav but love seeing how others curl their hair and what tools they use!

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  2. OKAY, i kneeew that there was more people than me that burnt their hand everytime they did their hair!!! can you buy the glow by its own? i really need this stuff!! puh!!

    love K

    1. Sorry I don't know if they sell it on it's own. I didn't see one for sale on the PYT site. Good luck finding one!

  3. Have you ever tried a straighterner to curl? I like the rough texture here, but if you want big soft curs you could try a straightener :) Cute blog by the way :) xx

    Anyways, much love all the way from Australia,

    ❤ Morgan xx
    musician,fashion designer & blogger for

    1. Yes, I have tried using a straightener as a curler. My old housemate had a CHI that worked well but I don't own a straigtener since I have straight hair already. The curler actually does a pretty good job of big curls too but we curled smaller sections here. I'll post another pic sometime. Thanks for checking out the blog :)

    2. go on amazon and search it


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