Tuesday, 31 January 2012

DIY Inspiration

I was browsing through Forever 21's website and came across these cool pieces.  Although they are inexpensive like everything else at Forever 21, I know I can DIY them and customize the colors to my liking.  Can't wait to find time to recreate some of them :)

What have you DIY'd lately?

Loving DIY Inspiration Lately,

* All images from Forever 21.


  1. I love DIY's! I did a similar bracelet DIY to the first pic in the summer and then I lost it shortly after! Oh the pain! It's hard to find the time with a little one around! I've been wanting to try the chain/thread type project too. These are great inspiration pics! xx Natalie

    Here's the bracelet I made:

  2. Forever 21 is seriously the best for inexpensive clothes and accessories. My favorite place to go too :)

    Red Soles and Red Wine

  3. Nice selection of bracelets- look very DIYable! Need to eat the haberdashery/hardware store and get creating.


  4. Nice jewellry :)
    IF you want check out my blog, i will be really greateful :)
    The Spotted Cherry Pie

    Have a nice day!

  5. In love! totally need them!



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