Thursday, 8 December 2011

Notice of Beautification *Update*


I managed to go to the new IKEA with my sister after work and I have to say it's BIG!  There was so much to see that our feet were so sore after walking through the entire store.  Less people were there on opening day than I expected, but that means less line ups yay!

It's huge!

Walking through the self serve furniture can't even see the cash registers at the end!

The first thing we did was EAT of course.  Here's a look at our meal :)


I really love the new dinning area.  It's so spacious and it has tons of lighting.  Plus, check out the cool seating area below!  All I need is Wi-Fi and I'd be set :)
Love the all the glass!

Great alternative to a coffee shop and I adore those lamps!

Here are a few things that caught our eyes...
Clear bucket lamp.  Wouldn't it be cool to put different decorations for each season?

Display showing the durability of the Poang chair.  

Adorable wall lamps for kids.
Finger puppet circus, what a cute idea!

Loving the new IKEA Lately,

Only 2 more days till the largest IKEA in Canada opens in Ottawa! With nearly 400,000 sq. ft. there'll be plenty of space for inspiration, meatballs and more!  

You can spend hours looking at all the unique and innovative items that IKEA comes up with.  The designers are truly talented.  And you can't forget about grabbing some food on your way out (in addition to the meatballs I love their frozen yogurt!)

As part of their marketing, IKEA Ottawa has launched the Beautification Plan.  During Nov. 30 to Dec. 10 their Beautification Truck will be around Ottawa to collect old furniture in exchange for an IKEA gift card.  In addition, if the truck spots the Beautification Notice poster (download here) hanging from your window they'll stop and you can exchange a piece of furniture for a gift card.  Hmmm I wonder what I can get rid of?

Finally during a chat with the Ottawa Citizen's Karen Turner, Isabelle Auclair, IKEA Ottawa's store manager, revealed that there will be giveaways on the opening day.  The first hundred people in line will receive a Poang armchair and the next 500 will receive mystery envelopes with various gift cards/vouchers etc.  Unfortunately due to work I won't be able to line up but I'll definitely be at the new IKEA sometime during the week!  If any of you get a chance to check it out, let me know, what do you think of CANADA'S LARGEST IKEA?

Loving IKEA Lately,


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