Tuesday, 20 December 2011

DIY:Kusudama Flower Ornament

Still looking for a Christmas gift?  Well here's a homemade gift everyone will love, Kusudama Flower Ornaments. 

Kusudama is a Japanese paper ball made of identical units glued or sewn together.  The name translates to medicine ball as they were originally filled with incense or potpourri, but now are used as decorations.  There are many different versions but this flower ball is one of the simplest to make :) 

- 60 pieces of square paper (the bigger the paper, the bigger the ornament)
    TIP: I use these spiral notepads from the Dollar Store!
- white glue
- string/ribbon
- bead or charm

First make 12 flowers following the instructions here.  It may take a little time but the end product is worth it!  The flowers look great on their own, so if you don't want to make an ornament you could just fill a glass bowl with a couple of flowers. For the red and green version I made 6 red and 6 green flowers.  Then I attached following the instructions here (it also explains how to attach the string and charm).  I made it so that the green flowers are on the top and bottom sandwiching the red flowers in the middle. 

I really love this color combo as the flowers remind me of poinsettias :)
These ornaments make great gifts even when it's not Christmas so go grab some paper and get crafty!

Loving Kusudama Flower Ornaments Lately,


  1. So cute! A lovely Christmas decoration!

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  3. Really amazing decoration, I like them! Great job!

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